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Erika is an artist that describes herself as a hippie Bay Area kid at heart with a sunny Los Angeles view on life, and just the right amount of that dark New York edge mixed in. Mmmmm...


Throughout her life, she found joy in any and everything that brought wonder and new experiences into her life. As the youngest of five daughters, she quickly became the go-to entertainer for her family. Whether it was silly faces or dancing like a crazy, she lived for the rush of creating on the fly. That feeling quickly became a passion when she took the stage in high school and found her calling.

She fostered her new found love alongside some of her other passions. If theres one thing you should know about Erika, it's that she refuses to limit herself. So she kept a constant whisper of love for photography, painting, and writing. 

Fast forward to now, she's got an amazing mentor she studied with at City College of San Francisco, where she also got an Associates Degree in French. Erika also has a BA in Drama with an emphasis on Lighting Design from the University of California, Irvine, Post graduating, she spent four years living in Los Angeles working on numerous short films, theatre productions, commercials, and she even got to do some background work on some of her favorite tv shows. Then Erika fulfilled her lifelong dream to move to New York, which fed her soul immensely. The pandemic hit which led her back to her home state, where she now resides. She continues to pursue her passions; acting, art, writing, film photography, and being a good mother to her cat, India. 

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